Five Ways to Cope Without Your Parents After Moving to College


The pro college movers have dropped off your big stuff. You have finished unpacking and organizing your dorm room. You’ve contacted Matco Calgary Movers for their moving services, and finally settled into your new space, but then the loneliness hits you. For the first time in your entire life, you are living alone without your parents, and you realize no matter how annoying they can be, you still miss them. Here are some ways to cope without your parents, after the big college move:

Tip#1: Manage Your Money Well

Your parents will most likely give you an allowance. If you have financial aid that covers part of the living expenses, then you’re lucky. You can also have work to help augment your budget. Money is going to be tight because each expenditure will be paid from your own pocket.

Thus, it is important to manage your funds well. Keep track of all your cash and credit card transactions, including issued checks, so you can see where all your money is going.

Tip#2: Prepare Emergency Contact Info and Meds

Be sure to have an updated list of all pertinent emergency numbers and leave it on your desk, so in case you become incapacitated, your roommates can call them on your behalf. College is the time wherein if you get sick, no one will be there to take care of you.

You will have to go to the doctor alone, even if you are not feeling well. Prepare an emergency kit with a thermometer, fever reducer, cough suppressant, decongestant, antacid, etc. Having the essentials on hand will save you the trip to a pharmacy when you already feel like crap.

Tip#3: Stock Your Pantry

Move in day does not include your food supply. College movers also won’t allow perishable items in their trucks. It is vital to load up your pantry with all your favorite snacks, so you can grab a bite to eat if you feel hungry in the middle of the night. From now on, no one else will be responsible for your food intake but yourself. If you need your mom’s comforting bowl of chicken soup, you’ll have to wait until Thanksgiving to eat it.

Tip#4: Buy Cleaning Products

College means doing your own chores including your dishes, laundry, and light sweeping. Mom will not come to your rescue if you run out of clean underwear. You’re going to be bffs with an ironing board and the vacuum cleaner. You’re going to be responsible for all your things, including the mess you make. Having these cleaning products on hand will keep you from making excuses.

Tip#5: Prepare Mentally

The most important thing of all, you have to mentally prepare yourself for time alone without your parents. The thought of permanently leaving the family home can make anyone feel sentimental and melancholic, so toughen up your mind and heart. College is just the beginning, and it is your platform to a truly independent life as a self-sufficient adult.


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