Renovating An Old Cottage On Low Budget: Tips From The Pros


Renovating an old cottage on low budget is extremely challenging and demanding. Generally, it is noticed that huge cottages with serene beauty around them are far from the main city and thus the cost of renovating increases. Any aging old cottage would need lot of make over. According to the budget of the owner, it would be easier to decide whether a huge amount is to be spent with huge changes or the important basic aspects are to be changed with low budget to beautify the great possession of any owner. We all know that old cottages have an old charm that attracts anyone to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Check for old construction

Before you start putting in a lot of money, remember that any 60 to 70 years old cottage will have traces of lead on its walls. Old cottages can be seen with lot of usage of asbestos in the form of ceilings, roof tiles, shingles, window caulking and more. You need to hire a contractor to remove the paint with great care and the asbestos in any form as it is could also be carcinogen in any form.

Outdated Plumbing

Galvanized steel pipes were supposed to be the best choice to use in any house during olden days. These pipes show the problem of corrosion and getting clogged easily. Low water pressure in old cottages are a signal that the galvanized pipes are clogged. It becomes utmost important to change the plumbing system before you start to change the aesthetic look of the house, else would land up in loss of money.

Painting ideas

Any owner of an old cottage would like to retain the old world charm of his cottage. Whether, it is a living room, bedroom, kitchen or washroom, the owner would like to retain the rustic look of his cottage as it also defines the owner. Beige, brown, red or magenta color paint would match well with the old antique furniture. It would give a fresh, clean and spacious look adding an elegance for any gathering. Hire a budget painter to get the correct hues and tones to each portion.

Bathroom on a budget

Replacement is not always the answer. If you have just the cosmetic issues with your tub, shower or sink, then they can be refinished as a lot of solutions are available in the market. Life can be brought back to old tiles instead of replacing. Repainting will give life to the washroom. Change the frame of old mirrors instead of buying new. Good low value light fixtures can be changed. For a fresh feel, change the shower curtain. Refinish or paint old cabinets. Some rustic shelves can be added to retain the old look.

Prepare the old kitchen for painting

It is for sure that kitchen cabinets will have lot of grease and grime build up. Pick up best product from market and do it yourself to clean every bit of grime. Sanding can also be done at your own to make the surface absolutely smooth. Paint has to be applied making sure that first two steps are done to perfection, else bubbling, cracking or peeling of paint can take place.

Floor Painting

Instead of going for long procedures of sanding and finishing, painting the old floors can be a cheaper and easier option.

If you keep all these tips in mind, your old rustic house can retain its charming look while also being an amazing place to live in.



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