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If you’ve landed here, it needs no rocket science to figure out that you’re planning on making a move. It can be awfully tiring to find the services you need during the festive season, and we totally get it.

Whether the mere sight of cardboard boxes give you the chills or a sense of satisfaction, it won’t hurt to discover some packing tips and tricks since you’ve made up your mind already. Here are 7 packing tips and tricks to make your moving smoother than ever:

Know How To Roll:

Know How To Roll

How you pack is as important as what you pack. Packing clothes can be a real nuisance, for people tend to have lots of it just lying around having no idea whether to discard them or bring along.

We have a pro tip for you though – roll your clothes. Why put efforts into folding your clothes when you can smartly roll them and save space?

Keep A First-Night Box:

Keep A First-Night Box

Mostly overlooked because of the entire hyped moving process, keeping a first-night box is of utmost importance. Imagine scrabbling through each box for a handful of items required to work through the night. Pretty scary, isn’t it? Keeping a first-night box ensures you have access to all the necessary items such as water, food, utensils et cetera.

Label Boxes:

Label Boxes

Labeling the boxes would make sure you know exactly where the stuff goes once you start unpacking. Try assigning numbers to the boxes belonging to a room to rule out the ambiguity between similar stuff belonging to different rooms. Convince the movers to load the boxes in the order you’ll unpack. If possible, try making a staging area before the movers hit the door to facilitate movement of boxes.

Take Pictures:

Take Pictures

What’s the point of owning a smartphone if you’re not using it smartly? Take out your gazillion megapixel camera and capture everything from electronics to stationery. That way, you’d have some reference to rearrange the stuff once you begin unpacking at your new home.

Keep Your Wardrobe Intact:

Keep Your Wardrobe Intact

Why take out your clothes and pack them separately if you can just leave them intact in the wardrobe? The movers will be moving the heavy stuff anyway and this will save you from a lot of trouble. All your stuff will already be where it’s supposed to be when the movers drop it off.

Use Different Sized Boxes:

Use Different Sized Boxes

Choosing boxes of multiple sizes is important as heavy materials are easier to move in smaller boxes. People make the common mistake of putting heavier materials into larger boxes often leading to rupturing of boxes during handling or transit.

Keep Valuables With You:

Keep Valuables With You

It is quite obvious to keep important papers and valuables with you at all times for safety purposes. Pack all your valuables together and keep them in your car at all times. While we do not question the working methods of professional movers in any way, we do suggest you be vigilant on your end to avoid any mishaps.

Packing can be tiring or fun depending on the way you do it. While most people stick to extremities in emotional terms, we want you to be calm and composed. Packing can be a lot of fun if you know the hacks listed above. In case you want to shield yourself from all the trouble by choosing good movers, movers Calgary should be your first option. Do leave your comments below and let us know how well did these work out for you!

It’s not automatic that because you’re a business owner that you enjoy doing marketing. More often than not, your passion lies in doing what you love, and not necessarily marketing it. However, marketing is a core part of your business that you must take seriously. Below we go over the importance of marketing plan.

1.      Forces You to Think

Forces You to Think

Credit: Pixabay

When you sit down to compose a marketing plan, it gets you thinking about your products and customers in a whole new way. You can involve your team in the process to make it more inclusive and gather as many ideas as possible. You might just come up with a few gems that might skyrocket your sales.

2.      You Get a Set of Measurable Goals

You Get a Set of Measurable Goals

Credit: Pixabay

Many business owners don’t really set any measurable goals. All they care about is registering an improvement year on year or even settle for not going broke. This is a horrible way to measure success and guarantees that you’ll stay stuck and stile business growth. Having tangible goals gives you an opportunity to grow at a predictable rate and allows you to evaluate the reasons for not hitting targets. This way, the business is set on a growth trajectory that will pay huge dividends over time.

3.      A Source of Motivation

A Source of Motivation

Credit: Pixabay

The importance of marketing plan for your business cannot be overstated. The human brain works best when it has a set target. For example, if you have a target to sell 10 products every week, your mind will try to figure out how to achieve this. Without doing this, you set yourself up for failure since everything is on autopilot. A marketing plan motivates you and your team to do better every time.

4.      Helps with Time Management and Setting Priorities

Helps with Time Management and Setting Priorities

Credit: Pixabay

We all have only 24 hours in a day, and not a single second more. What you do with your time determines exactly where you end up in terms of business success. Only a few of these hours can be dedicated to marketing which is the most important cog in your business. You have to prioritize what’s important and leave the trivial stuff for later. You can even outsource what’s unimportant stuff. A marketing plan allows you to see what is most important in your business and prioritize activities based on your goals.

5.      Gets Everyone on The Team on The Same Page

Gets Everyone on The Team on The Same Page

Credit: Pixabay

You need your team to work together in unison to achieve a common goal. Everyone doing their own thing haphazardly won’t yield the kind of business success you want to achieve. When everyone knows what the marketing plan is and have their roles at their fingertips, it becomes much easier to work together and achieve more. This is the importance of marketing plan.

6.      Spend Money Wisely

Spend Money Wisely

Credit: Pixabay

Money just like time is a finite resource, you want to put your money where you will get the most bang for your buck. With a marketing plan in place, your team will be able to prioritize key growth areas of the business that need funding to propel the business to the next level.

There is nothing more demoralizing than a sale rejection. Some clients will lead you on to think that you are close to closing the sale but they turn down the offer at the last minute. It can be because they don’t agree with the pricing, some of the product features, or are simply unable to purchase the product at the time. Nonetheless, it is still possible to turn a client’s no into a yes. Here are common sales objections and rebuttals that can work for you.

1.      Service Costs Too Much

 Service Costs Too Much

Credit: Pixabay

The most common reason clients reject sale offers is because they think the services prices are exaggerated. Some clients do not understand the value of your product and thus conclude that they are overpriced. Others may have the intention to buy but want to see if they can get a better deal. Therefore, instead of dropping your price and selling your service at a loss, draw attention to the features of the service or product and show the client how it can add value to their life.

2.      We Haven’t Budgeted for It at This Moment

We Haven’t Budgeted for It at This Moment

Credit: Pixabay

This is an objection that has more to do with the client’s cash flow and has nothing to do with the value of your product or the features it offers.  If the client is worried about impulse buying, you can introduce them to an alternative payment plan as opposed to cash payment. If this does not work, you can organize for a later date call when their budget will be more favorable.

3.      Lack Of Time

Lack Of Time

Credit: Pixabay

Time is an important issue with most potential clients. This is an objection point common to most software system companies and other ICT systems companies that offer services that require implementation throughout organizations. If implementation time is the problem, estimate the time it would take to implement the system as it may be shorter than they imagined. Make them see how your product or service can speed up their organization operations. This way, the benefit they get from implementing the system outweighs their worry about the time it will take to install.

4.      I Haven’t Heard of Your Company

I Haven’t Heard of Your Company

Credit: Pixabay

Sometimes, the prospective client is interested in your products or services but are skeptical about getting it from you for the simple reasons that they have never heard of your company before. Without getting into a long explanation, offer them information about your business, the length of time you have been in business, the number of clients you currently have and where they can get testimonials online. This will make them feel as though they know your business and have a better chance of contacting you for the service.

5.      I Don’t Want to Get Caught Up in A Contract

I Don’t Want to Get Caught Up in A Contract

Credit: Pixabay

According to most buyers avoid getting stuck in contracts because they can be a pain in the long run. Therefore, they will use this objection when they are unsure of your product or service and thus do not want to be stuck with it for months or years. If they raise this objection, let them know if you have a month to month contract which allows them to opt out if they need to. Also, let them know if you have a trial period.

There are several factors that play decisive roles when it comes to running a website efficaciously to generate the desired results. Above all, the page speed is the most crucial factor.

It determines whether the website guest will stay on it or switch to another website. To increase the loading speed of your website pages, the provides you with the following 6 tactics. You can also go through Google’s PageSpeed insight to enhance the speed.

1. Premium or Business Web Hosting

1. Premium or Business Web Hosting

No matter what product or service people look for, they always seek low prices. This centuries-old tradition can be seen on the internet as well where people buy budget hosting services to launch their website. Although the website will be available on the internet, its loading speed will not be influential. We use the internet for quick information, and if the site has a low loading speed, it will irate the website visitors. Instead of choosing budget hosting, goo for premium or business hosting, and enjoy the loading speed.

2. Browser Cache Helps

Browser Cache Helps

Whenever we browse the internet, it saves some data in our browser so that next time we visit the same website again, it opens up easily without sending another HTTP request for that matter. By keeping the cache enabled, you will be able to enjoy an excellent page loading speed of the website that you visit often.

3. Restrict HTTP Requests

Restrict HTTP Requests

The content on a website including images, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS demand HTTP requests. Whether you are adding a theme to the site or plugins, all of these add CSS and JavaScript files to the website which leads to an increase in HTTP files. With the increase in HTTP requests, the speed of the page keeps diminishing. To overcome this problem, merge CSS files, and JavaScript files into one file, keep a limited number of plugins, choose fonts wisely, and use the images that are used frequently.

4. Image Size Matters

Image Size Matters

Images are included in the content to convey the message in the content more effectively and improve readability. But, at the same time, the size of the images also matters a lot. Having images with large sizes take a toll on the page speed and put in jeopardy the performance of the website. For this, you must restrict the size of the images by means of compression.

5. Use Compression

Use Compression

If your website has many CSS files, JavaScript files, and HTML files, then it will definitely lead to a reduction in the loading speed of the page. The best solution to this glitch is using GZIP compression. It will automatically compress all these files and help in maintaining a good loading speed.

6. Choose the Website Theme Wisely

Choose the Website Theme Wisely

We all look for trendy and stylish stuff for our needs, and the same goes when people look for a theme for their website. Although such themes seem alluring and lets your, represent the information on your website in a more impressive way, but don’t overlook the fact that it compromises the page loading speed as well. Instead of going for any fancy theme, choose the theme that is simple, represents your data in an efficient way and maintains a reasonable loading speed.

Once you are done going through the above-mentioned tactics, explore an analysis on Google’s new criteria for speed page to have an edge over your rivals with a fast opening website.

Looking to move but can’t afford to blow a ton of cash on the move? Moving can be an expensive affair especially if you’re moving a lot of stuff over a long distance. Moreover, there is the risk of damage to your stuff and injury as well. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. There are things you can do to manage the cost. Here are some handy tips on how to move out on a budget.

1.      Cut Down on The Number of Items You’re Moving

Credit: Pixabay

You don’t have to move with all your things. After having lived in the same house for a number of years, you accumulate a lot of stuff that you hardly ever use. It may be furniture, mementos, clothes, electronics, and other household items. Movers usually charge based on the volume of the items you’re moving and the distance covered. You cannot do much about the distance but you can always get rid of some of your stuff. You can do this by donating to family and friends or having a yard sale. Evaluate every item depending on how frequently you use it. If you have a blender you’ve not used for years, it’s probably best to do away with it.

2.      Pack Yourself

Credit: Pixabay

Hiring packers can make your move a less stressful process. However, it costs money. If you can get a bunch of friends and family together, they can help you pack all your items before the D-day. Toronto movers can help with the packing process should you need the service. However, if you’re hell-bent on saving money, it’s best to do the packing yourself.

3.      Buy Your Own Packing Supplies

Credit: Pixabay

If you have a lot of stuff to move, it would be best to buy your own packing supplies. The cost of these items can add up pretty fast if you’re buying in volumes. Your moving company can provide moving supplies but it will cost you more than buying them yourself. You don’t even need to buy everything. You can improvise and use totes and suitcases to pack some of your stuff. If you have some carton boxes lying around, then you can also put them to use. Your local grocery store may also have used carton boxes that they’re giving away for free or charging very little for. You can also check Craigslist for people in your area disposing of their moving boxes.

4.      Move During the Off-Peak Season

Credit: Pixabay

Most people move during the summer when school is out. If possible, you can some money on moving fees by moving during the off-peak season. Talk to a few moving service providers and find out what sort of off-peak deals they have in place.  This is how to move out on a budget.

5.      Unpack Yourself

Credit: Pixabay

Your moving company will offer unpacking services at an additional cost. If you are on a budget, you can opt to do the unpacking yourself. Have the mover deliver the items to your new home and leave you to your own devices. You can have family and friends help with the unpacking process.

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