Packing Tips And Tricks You Can’t Miss Out On Before You Move


If you’ve landed here, it needs no rocket science to figure out that you’re planning on making a move. It can be awfully tiring to find the services you need during the festive season, and we totally get it.

Whether the mere sight of cardboard boxes give you the chills or a sense of satisfaction, it won’t hurt to discover some packing tips and tricks since you’ve made up your mind already. Here are 7 packing tips and tricks to make your moving smoother than ever:

Know How To Roll:

Know How To Roll

How you pack is as important as what you pack. Packing clothes can be a real nuisance, for people tend to have lots of it just lying around having no idea whether to discard them or bring along.

We have a pro tip for you though – roll your clothes. Why put efforts into folding your clothes when you can smartly roll them and save space?

Keep A First-Night Box:

Keep A First-Night Box

Mostly overlooked because of the entire hyped moving process, keeping a first-night box is of utmost importance. Imagine scrabbling through each box for a handful of items required to work through the night. Pretty scary, isn’t it? Keeping a first-night box ensures you have access to all the necessary items such as water, food, utensils et cetera.

Label Boxes:

Label Boxes

Labeling the boxes would make sure you know exactly where the stuff goes once you start unpacking. Try assigning numbers to the boxes belonging to a room to rule out the ambiguity between similar stuff belonging to different rooms. Convince the movers to load the boxes in the order you’ll unpack. If possible, try making a staging area before the movers hit the door to facilitate movement of boxes.

Take Pictures:

Take Pictures

What’s the point of owning a smartphone if you’re not using it smartly? Take out your gazillion megapixel camera and capture everything from electronics to stationery. That way, you’d have some reference to rearrange the stuff once you begin unpacking at your new home.

Keep Your Wardrobe Intact:

Keep Your Wardrobe Intact

Why take out your clothes and pack them separately if you can just leave them intact in the wardrobe? The movers will be moving the heavy stuff anyway and this will save you from a lot of trouble. All your stuff will already be where it’s supposed to be when the movers drop it off.

Use Different Sized Boxes:

Use Different Sized Boxes

Choosing boxes of multiple sizes is important as heavy materials are easier to move in smaller boxes. People make the common mistake of putting heavier materials into larger boxes often leading to rupturing of boxes during handling or transit.

Keep Valuables With You:

Keep Valuables With You

It is quite obvious to keep important papers and valuables with you at all times for safety purposes. Pack all your valuables together and keep them in your car at all times. While we do not question the working methods of professional movers in any way, we do suggest you be vigilant on your end to avoid any mishaps.

Packing can be tiring or fun depending on the way you do it. While most people stick to extremities in emotional terms, we want you to be calm and composed. Packing can be a lot of fun if you know the hacks listed above. In case you want to shield yourself from all the trouble by choosing good movers, movers Calgary should be your first option. Do leave your comments below and let us know how well did these work out for you!


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