Important Facts about Paper Shredding Services


Proper document shredding is of vital importance, especially since it plays a significant role in business success and safety assurances. Improper hard drive destruction and document shredding can lead to several issues, all capable of setting back your business. Knowing a little bit more about paper shredding services might, therefore, boost your chances of success.

1. Environmental impact

In addition to improving security levels, practicing proper document destruction promotes sustainability. Thanks to professional paper shredding services, we can use waste paper on eco-friendly applications like the production of paper towels. On average, individuals use 80 million tons of paper each year. As such, everyone needs to practice proper document destruction.

2. Shredded paper is recyclable

Although shredding results in small pieces of paper, recycling is still a possibility. One of the least known facts about paper shredding is that most companies use recycling plants.

3. Professional paper shredding services reduce costs and save time

Offices generally have enough waste paper to benefit from professional document shredding services. The findings of a sustainability study show that on average, an employee uses at least 10,000 pieces of paper yearly. It will, therefore, take about two months for one employee to fill up a small bin. Apart from saving you a lot of time, engaging a professional document shredding service provider helps to reduce your business costs. In place of using an internal employee to destroy your paper at a rate of five minutes each day, a professional paper shredding service provider will shred the same amount of paper at half the cost. Additionally, the services of a professional paper shredder will save you as much as two hours a month. If your organization is large, you will probably save a significantly higher amount of time and money.

4. Compliance

The law mandates proper destruction of confidential and sensitive documents. However, practicing internal shredding and having one of your employees witness the entire process are not required. Professional paper shredding service providers can, therefore, choose between destroying your documents on site and moving them to a secure warehouse. Laws limiting the amount of time you can store sensitive and confidential documents have been put in place to boost usability and reduce identity theft. Since keeping your sensitive and confidential information for an extended duration increases the probability of identity theft, the government encourages timely data destruction.

5. Safety

Apart from being susceptible to dust-related issues, office grade shredders are generally unsafe, especially when compared to industrial grade models. A professional paper shredder will always destroy your documents in a secure environment. As a result, accidents, indoor air contamination, and unwanted exposure are very rare occurrences.

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