5 Tips for Removing A Broken Padlock


When your padlock cannot be opened, you are unable to access the area where the padlock was used to secure. It is, therefore, important to know how to remove padlock without key. The issue of a broken padlock is not new. Most people tend to misplace the key to a padlock if they do not frequently access the area secured by the padlock. Sometimes, one can lose the keys to a padlock they close and open every day. Either way, it is important to know how you can remove the broken padlock. Here are the steps to follow to remove a broken padlock.

1.      Clean The Lock

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With time, the keyway to a padlock can become clogged with accumulated debris. For you to bring the padlock to a certain level of functionality, it is important to clear the debris in the keyway. If the jamming of the padlock is caused by an accumulation of gunk or rust, you can easily clear it by using lubricant. If you haven’t lost the key to the padlock, sometimes a simple cleanup process makes it possible for you to use the padlock again. If cleaning does not solve your broken padlock issue, then you need to find other ways to remove the padlock.

2.      Shim the Shackle

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For shimming to be possible, the lock has to have a certain type of locking mechanism. It is impossible to shim a padlock that uses ball bearings. To know if it is possible to shim your padlock, you can look for details on your type of lock from online resources. You can make your own shim from an aluminum can or consider buying ready-made shims. Depending on the type of lock you have, you may need to use 2 shims.

3.      Lock Cutting

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If the above methods do not work for your jammed padlock, the other thing you can consider doing is cutting it. It is possible to cut any type of padlock, which makes this the easiest way to deal with a jammed padlock issue. If you have the right cutting tools, you can easily cut a padlock and gain access to your premise in a matter of minutes. This is how to remove padlock without key.

4.      Drill the Lock Core

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If you are sure that you will have to dispose of the padlock, drilling the lock core is also another way to go about it. If your padlock is made with a removable core, you can easily change it and render the padlock usable again after drilling the core. Lock drilling is usually the last result for any locksmith Toronto expert. This is usually because of the destructive nature of the exercise. This goes to show that a DIY job may not leave your padlock intact and ready to be used again.

5.      Contact A Locksmith

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If you do not want to have to deal with the process of removing a jammed padlock, it is always a good idea to contact a locksmith. Vet the technician before allowing them to work on your locks. The best locksmith will handle the issue professionally and within the shortest time possible.


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