5 Sales Objections You’re Likely to Face and How to Deal with Them


There is nothing more demoralizing than a sale rejection. Some clients will lead you on to think that you are close to closing the sale but they turn down the offer at the last minute. It can be because they don’t agree with the pricing, some of the product features, or are simply unable to purchase the product at the time. Nonetheless, it is still possible to turn a client’s no into a yes. Here are common sales objections and rebuttals that can work for you.

1.      Service Costs Too Much

 Service Costs Too Much

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The most common reason clients reject sale offers is because they think the services prices are exaggerated. Some clients do not understand the value of your product and thus conclude that they are overpriced. Others may have the intention to buy but want to see if they can get a better deal. Therefore, instead of dropping your price and selling your service at a loss, draw attention to the features of the service or product and show the client how it can add value to their life.

2.      We Haven’t Budgeted for It at This Moment

We Haven’t Budgeted for It at This Moment

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This is an objection that has more to do with the client’s cash flow and has nothing to do with the value of your product or the features it offers.  If the client is worried about impulse buying, you can introduce them to an alternative payment plan as opposed to cash payment. If this does not work, you can organize for a later date call when their budget will be more favorable.

3.      Lack Of Time

Lack Of Time

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Time is an important issue with most potential clients. This is an objection point common to most software system companies and other ICT systems companies that offer services that require implementation throughout organizations. If implementation time is the problem, estimate the time it would take to implement the system as it may be shorter than they imagined. Make them see how your product or service can speed up their organization operations. This way, the benefit they get from implementing the system outweighs their worry about the time it will take to install.

4.      I Haven’t Heard of Your Company

I Haven’t Heard of Your Company

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Sometimes, the prospective client is interested in your products or services but are skeptical about getting it from you for the simple reasons that they have never heard of your company before. Without getting into a long explanation, offer them information about your business, the length of time you have been in business, the number of clients you currently have and where they can get testimonials online. This will make them feel as though they know your business and have a better chance of contacting you for the service.

5.      I Don’t Want to Get Caught Up in A Contract

I Don’t Want to Get Caught Up in A Contract

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According to www.ceovancouver.ca most buyers avoid getting stuck in contracts because they can be a pain in the long run. Therefore, they will use this objection when they are unsure of your product or service and thus do not want to be stuck with it for months or years. If they raise this objection, let them know if you have a month to month contract which allows them to opt out if they need to. Also, let them know if you have a trial period.


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