5 Reasons for Your School to Invest in Mascot Costumes


Mascot costumes can be worn by anyone at your school. Investing in the costume is a great idea for a number of different reasons.

#1: Fundraising
It’s easier for companies to donate to the school when they understand more about who the school is. You can have your mascot helping with all of your fundraising causes. Whether you are in front of a store selling candy bars and your mascot is there waving people over or you are selling as for the yearbook, a mascot can make it easier for local businesses to donate money.


#2: Athletic Support
You want to do everything possible to make sure that your athletes are playing harder and stronger in every game. Cheerleaders are a great way to accomplish this. However, you can also make sure that you have a mascot at all of the games. He (or she) can make sure that the crowd is cheering loudly as a way of motivating all of the athletes. Whether this is that a football game, basketball game, or even a track meet, it can be a great way to support the athletic department.


#3: Notoriety
You want your mascot to be the front for your school. As soon as someone sees the mascot, they should know exactly who it is and what school they belong to. It will make it easier to bring some notoriety to your school at the same time.


#4: Branding
Custom mascots can be created so that you can make sure that the brand of your school is fully developed. If you are the Panthers, for example, you can make sure that your mascot looks like a panther. However, if your school colors are red and blue, you may decide that you want your answer to be red and blue as well. These are all options available when you decide to customize your mascot. It allows you to be as creative as you want.


#5: Morale Booster
Sometimes, having a mascot can simply be a morale booster. Especially if other schools around town have a mascot, your students may feel as though they’re not as special because of lacking a mascot. A drawing of a mascot is not enough. You want to bring it to life with an actual costume.

Take the time to explore the different mascot costumes  at Hogtown Mascots. Add a touch of customization. Once you send someone out in the costume, you might be surprised by the benefits.


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